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Why a Modern-Day Marquee May Be Nothing like a Tent

When you think about a marquee, you may picture in your mind a circus tent, also known as a "big top." This vision is likely a large canvas structure that is secured with guy ropes, is gaily coloured and probably has a waving flag on top. However, this is definitely an old-fashioned interpretation of today's marquee and should you be planning to run a major outdoor event in the near future, you should certainly look into some modern-day options. What type of structure should you consider for your marquee hire?

Technology First

Today, you might find it difficult to determine, from afar, that a marquee is actually a temporary structure of any kind. After all, designers have taken advantage of new technologies and space-age materials that allow them to create a marquee that is highly impressive.

Stunning Exterior

If you did not know any better, you might imagine that this was a permanent building, as it may be multistorey, look incredibly "solid," have clear span structures inside and feature cleverly designed facades. Further, the structure may have "floor-to-ceiling" windows, materials that look like cladding on the outside and be fully air-conditioned within. In other words, you can expect to do anything within one of these new-age marquees that you might expect to do in an existing commercial venue.

Impressive Interior

When you get inside, however, these facilities are even more impressive. You can take advantage of customised interior liners and decorative fabrics, with special fixtures that apply to your event. For example, you may want to feature high-quality entertainment and can introduce sound systems and lighting gantries, that can be styled so that they blend in with your type of decor.

Full Practicality

You may be surprised to learn that these types of structure are quite easy to erect and to dismantle in a short space of time. In this case, you won't have to worry too much about additional venue hire for setup and tear down, when it comes to your overall event budget. Furthermore, you may not be limited by the scale at all (depending on the nature of the venue itself), so you can be even more creative than you would otherwise have been.

Crafting Your Vision

Sit down and talk with companies that provide this type of facility and tell them what you would like to achieve. They will take a look at your venue and come up with some solutions, to make your event as successful and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.