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3 Must-Have Party Hire Items for Your Boho Style Wedding

Boho style is a big current trend in fashion. This trend also extends into wedding territory, with Boho weddings becoming a popular choice for many couples planning their wedding. If you like the relaxed, non-traditional and quirky vintage look of Boho style, then here are three wedding hire items that are essential for creating the right look for your wedding day.

1. A rustic arbour

Arbours are doorway sized frames that are used in the wedding ceremony as a backdrop for the bridal couple. They can also be used to create a Boho style entry to your reception venue. Arbours are generally made from wood and come in a range of different styles. Antique timber, driftwood and old timber doors are great choices for true Boho wedding style.

Arbours are wonderful because you can decorate them with ease and use them to create your own unique look. Flowers, fairy lights, lace and macrame are all whimsical and beautiful ideas for arbour decoration that will suit your Boho theme.

2. A teepee style tent

For an outdoor wedding, you'll need to provide your guests with some form of shelter from the sun or inclement weather. Instead of a standard marquee, a teepee style tent will make the perfect Boho statement. Teepees come in a range of sizes and can be installed with or without enclosed walls.

Teepees provide another great structure to add decorations to. Fairy lights, lanterns, bunting and dream catchers can all be strung around the interior and exterior of the teepee to create the eclectic and colourful Boho look.

3. Low trestle tables

Instead of regular tables and chairs for guest seating, low trestle tables are ideal for a relaxed Boho atmosphere. These tables sit low to the ground and are designed to be sat around at ground level instead of on chairs. Placed on a colourful, patterned rug with a scattering of throw pillows, low trestle tables create a luxurious and alternative feel.

To finish off the Boho table look, create attractive yet unstructured settings. Combine mismatched glassware, cutlery and crockery with candles, flowers and quirky ornaments to complete the beautiful chaos of the Boho style.

You might like to include one or all of these ideas into your Boho wedding styling plans. If so, contact your local party hire company to find out which items they have available and which styles will work best for the look you're trying to achieve.