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Top Tips on Hiring a Marquee for Your Wedding

Weddings come with a lot of frustrations from planning to financing. However, going for a marquee wedding gives you the flexibility of how and where your wedding reception should be. You have the freedom of choosing from a variety of specifications and prices, different sizes and shapes. You can utilise small spaces as marquees have been designed to accommodate different areas. In order to save bucks and do a stress free wedding, check out some factors you should consider when hiring a marquee.

What's Your Reception Style?

Before picking on any marquee for your wedding event, think of the style you would like the reception to be. Your desired style affects the type of marquee to be hired. The various types of marquees that exist include frame, traditional, or the giant tipis. It is also advisable to think of the nature of your intended reception. Traditional marquee may not blend well on hard standings like tennis courts or courtyards, whereas a frame marquee may work.  Think of whether you want doors and windows or an entirely open side. Consider whether you will be using square tables, round tables, or long banqueting tables. You may think of incorporating features such as flower borders, ponds, or a favourite tree.

The number of guests attending your wedding must also be established as this will affect the size of marquees hired. Therefore, think of all the factors involved in your reception to choose a compatible marquee that can beautify your event.

Be on Time

Companies will offer marquee-hiring services throughout the year. However, there are specific seasons such as summer where the number of people hiring them for events is on the rise. Be the early bird and make timely inquires to get a reliable company that will offer you the services you deserve. Being late will frustrate you as peak seasons have many clients and companies may not have time to give you attention, or you might have to settle for the leftover marquees.

Consider the Local Weather Forecast for Your Chosen Reception

Mother nature dictates how stress free your event might be. Therefore, have a clear forecast of the weather in the reception and prepare accordingly. You might need to hire extra heating and solid walls for areas that have cold temperatures and strong winds.

As you go for a marquee hire, consider companies that offer other services such as event planning, catering, entertainment and others alongside marquee catering in order to reduce the hustle.